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Beautiful Music by Stradivari Strings Music Teacher

Our Music Teachers

All our teachers at our music school in Singapore are carefully selected based on qualifications, teaching experience, and aptitude for coaching. Senior teachers have experience of 10 to more than 30 years of experience coaching music lessons in Singapore. All are excellent communicators and deliver results via private music lessons.

We follow a set of strict criteria in selecting and appointing teachers to our music school in Singapore. All our teachers have qualifications from either ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), Trinity Guildhall, LCM (London College of Music). Some of our best teachers have professional music degrees acquired from prestigious music conservatories around the world.

We have specialists in early music education. We also have senior level teachers who conduct master music classes.

At our music school in Singapore, our teachers can coach students to progress via the exam route, or the leisure route.

Please see videos of some of our teachers

6 Lessons

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6 Lessons in Beautiful Music by Stradivari Strings Music Teacher:

Waters of Serenity

Secret Places

I'll Be Your Rainbow

Colors of Change

Waiting for You

Standing over the Sun