Heartstrings Concert

The 5 Performers together with Stradivari Strings would like to thank:

  • All the healthcare front-liners who worked so hard to ensure everyone who is infected with the CoVid-19 virus is receiving the best treatment possible

  • All the volunteers who are working to distribute food, contact tracing, safe distancing ambassadors for your unwavering spirit and big heart before and during this difficult period of Circuit Breaking

  • All the great organizations who had donated money, manpower, resources and in kind to support #SGUNITED

  • Last but not least, all participants of this concert who share this event with so many people so that they can relax and enjoy during this challenging time. 

11 Lessons

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11 Lessons in Heartstrings Concert:


Danial Arun - Autumn Leaves

Deomar Shahrhudean - Smooth Operator

Ong Soo Vern - Superstition

Matthew Ng - One Moment In Time

Kimberly Lo - Radioactive

Deomar Shahrhudean - Wonderful Tonight

Ong Soo Vern - Highway Star/Burn

Matthew Ng - Star Sky - Two Steps From Hell

Kimberly Lo - La La Land Medley

Hughes Chong - 你