Learn To Play The Cello: Basic 1 Course Watch Preview

Designed for the absolute cello beginner, this step-by-step video tutorial covers the basic foundation in mastering the art of playing the cello.

Topics covered include:

1) Understand the structure of the cello and cello bow.

2) Basic posture for the cellist.

3) How to hold the cello bow.

4) Exercises to strengthen your cello bow hold.

5) Left hand position on the cello.

6) Exercises for left hand dexterity.

7) How to bow on open strings of the cello.

8) Open strings bowing exercises.

9) Learn 3 bowing techniques: pizzicato, arco, slur

10) Learn and practice 3 basic scales (G, D and C major), separate bow

11) Learn 3 basic scales (G, D & C major), using slur technique

12) Play a song: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars"

Subtitles are added to each video and where applicable, music notation and scores are incorporated so that you can cross-reference practical practice to theory.

This Basic 1 Cello Course is usually covered in traditional face-to-face coaching over 8 lessons. Valued at US$500, you can grab this at a special price of US$89

Once you have mastered the basics in this course, you can move on to our power-packed "Basic 2 Cello Course".

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27 Lessons

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27 Lessons in Learn To Play The Cello: Basic 1 Course:

Module 1: Introduction to the Cello & bow

1.1: Introduction To The Cello

Learn the parts of the cello

1.2: Introduction To The Cello Bow

Learn the parts of the cello bow

1.3: How To Hold The Cello Bow

How to hold the cello bow

1.4: Three Exercises To Perfect Your Bow Hold

Perfect your bow hold

1.5: Bow Placement, Right Hand Position

Right hand position

1.6: Left Hand Position

Left hand position

1.7: Open Strings of the Cello

Open strings of the cello

Module 2: Introduction to hand position on the fingerboard, left hand exercise

2.1: Left Hand Finger Exercise 1

Left hand finger exercise

2.2: Left Hand Finger Exercise 2

Left hand finger exercise

2.3: Left Hand Finger Exercise 3

Left hand finger exercise

2.4: Left Hand Finger Exercise 4

Left hand finger exercise

Module 3: Two Techniques: Pizzicato and Arco. Open strings bowing exercise

3.1: Technique 1 - Pizzicato

Pizzicato technique

3.2: Technique 2 - Arco. Bow placement. Open strings bowing exercise

Arco technique

3.3: Open Strings Bowing Exercise 2

Open strings exercise

3.4: Open Strings Bowing Exercise 3

Open strings exercise

Module 4: Learn to play three basic scales

4.1: Plucking G Major scale

G major scale

4.2: Bowing G major scale (separate bow)

G major scale

4.3: Bowing D major scale (separate bow)

D major scale

4.4: Close up - D major scale

Close up of D major scale

4.5: Bowing C major scale (separate bow)

C major scale

4.6: Bowing C major scale (close up)

Module 5: Slur technique

5.1: Slur Technique

Slur technique

5.2: D major scale, Slur

D major scale, slur

5.3: G major scale, slur

G major scale, slur

5.4: C major scale, slur

C major scale, slur

Module 6: Learn To Play A Song

Module 6: Learn To Play A Song

Learn to play a song

Parting Words

Final words for Cello Basic 1 course

Final words