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The ukulele is a popular musical instrument for anyone to pick up, no matter what age group. Children as young as age 5, to adults and even retirees who have no music background can easily learn how to play the ukulele.

In this Ukulele Basic 1 course, you will learn the following:

1) Introduction to the ukulele

2) Strumming techniques - with and without the plectrum

3) Basic chord shapes

4) How to transition between chords

5) 2 strumming pattern exercises

6) Alternate picking explained

7) Finger picking explained

8) C major scale

9) Practice tips

10) Understanding tablature

11) Learn to play "Ode to Joy"

Subtitles are added to each video where applicable, and music notation are also incorporated so you can cross reference practical practice to theory.

The contents of this beginner 1 course is covered over 12 lessons based on face to face coaching. Valued at US$500, you can grab this at a special price of US$89

Once you have mastered the basics in this course, you can move on to our power packed "Basic 2 Ukulele Course".

If wish to enhance your ukulele strumming skills further, contact Stradivari Strings to arrange live coaching (either face to face or online):

Call or whattsapp: +65 - 98137769

email: info@stradivaristrings.com

Note: The contents of this course is "All Rights Reserved" by Stradivari Strings.

25 Lessons

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25 Lessons in Learn To Play the Ukulele - Basic 1 course:

Module 1: Introduction to the Ukulele

1.1 Introduction to the ukulele

Introduction to the ukulele

1.2 How to tune the ukulele

How to tune the ukulele

1.3: How to hold the ukulele

How to hold the ukulele

Module 2: Basic Strumming and Basic Chords

2.1: Strumming with fingers or plectrum

Strumming with fingers

2.2: Basic chord shapes

Basic chord shapes

2.3: Basic chords - close up

Basic chords - close up

2.4: Chord changes exercise

Chord changes exercise

2.5.1: Strumming pattern exercise 1

Strumming pattern exercise 1

2.5.2: Close up of strumming pattern exercise 1

Close up

2.6.1: Strumming pattern exercise 2

Strumming pattern exercise 2

2.6.2: Close up of Strumming pattern exercise 2

Close up

Module 3: Alternate picking and finger picking styles

3.1: Alternate Picking

Alternate picking

3.2: Finger picking

Finger picking

3.3.1 C major scale

C major scale

3.3.2: close up - C major scale

Close up

3.3.3 close up - C major (Finger style)

close up

3.4: Alternate Picking Exercise

Alternate Picking Exercise

3.4.1: Close up - Alternate Picking Exercise

Close up

3.5: Finger Picking Exercise

Finger picking exercise

3.6: Practice TIps

Practice Tips

Module 4: Tablature, Ode To Joy

4.1: Understanding Tablature

Understanding Tablature

4.2: C major scale in tablature

C major scale

4.3: Ode To Joy

Ode to Joy

4.4: Ode To Joy (Close up)

Close up

Final Words

Final Words: Ukulele Basic 1 Course

Final words