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This course is the perfect continuation to our ukulele basic 1 course. It is also suitable for students who have some basic knowledge of playing the ukulele.

In this Ukulele Basic Part 2 Course, you will learn the following:

1.How to read a chord chart

2.D major scale

3.Rhythm slashes

4. Chord progression in rhythm slashe format

5. Rests

6. Percussive notes

7. Putting it all together

8. Strumming to Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours"

9. The A7 chord

10. Learn a new song - Fur Elise

11. Understanding finger picking

12. Finger picking exercise

13. Chord progression

14. Finger picking practice tip

15. 2 techniques: legato and hammer-offs

16. Legato slides

17. Legato exercise - introduction to Cold Play's "Adventure Of A Lifetime"

18. Learn another song - Amazing Grace

19. Strumming to Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours"

20. Tips - practice tips, strumming tips, sing and strum tips, instrument practice tips.

Subtitles are added to videos where necessary and where applicable, scores and music notation are added so you can cross-reference practical practice to theory.

This Basic 2 Ukulele course is usually covered in traditional face to face coaching over 12 lessons. Valued at USD$500, you can grab this at a special price of US$149

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Note: The contents of this Ukulele basic 1 course are all rights reserved by Stradivari Strings.

32 Lessons

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32 Lessons in Master the Ukulele - Basic 2 course:

Module 1

1.1 Reading Chord Chart

Reading chord chart

1.2: D major scale

D major scale

1.3: Reading Rhythm Slashes

Reading Rhythm Slashes

1.4: Chord Progression in Rhythm Slash Format

Chord Progression in Rhythm Slash Format

1.5: Rests and Rest Duration

Rests and Rest Duration

1.6: Percussive Notes

Percussive notes

1.7: Putting it together

Putting it together

1.8: Strumming to the song "I'm Yours"

Strumming to the song "I'm Yours"

1.9: The A7 chord

The A7 chord

Module 2

2.1: Fur Elise (Part 1)

Fur Elise

2.2: Fur Elise (Part 2)

Fur Elise

2.3: Fur Elise (Close up)

Fur Elise

Module 3

3.1: Finger picking

Finger picking

3.2: Finger Picking - close up

Close up

3.3: Basic finger picking exercise

Basic finger picking exercise

3.4: Putting it together with chord progression

Chord progression

3.5: Close up

Close up

3.6 Four finger picking practice tips

Practice Tips

Module 4

4.1: Legato Hammer-ons and pull-offs

Legato Hammer-ons and pull-offs

4.2: Close up - Hammer on

Close up - Hammer on

4.3: Close up - pull-offs

Close up - pull offs

4.4: Legato Slides

Legato slides

4.5: Legato exercise - Cold Play's "Adventure of a Lifetime"

Legato exercise

4.6: Close up

Close up

Module 5: Learn to play 2 songs

5.1 Learn to play "Amazing Grace"

Learn to play "Amazing Grace"

5.2: Close up of "Amazing Grace"

Close up

5.3: Learn to play "I'm Yours"

Learn to play "I'm Yours"

5.4: Close up of module 5.3

Close up

Module 6

6.1: Practice tips

Practice Tips

6.2: Instrumental playing tips

Instrumental playing tips

6.3: Strum and Sing practice tips

Strum and Sing practice tips

Final Words

Final Words: Ukulele basic 2 course

Final words