Master The Violin: Basic 2 Course

This beginner violin basic 2 course is suitable for students who have basic foundation for violin, or have completed the Violin basic 1 course.

Topics covered include:

1. Rhythm Training

2. Theory

3. Note Reading and Correlation to the violin

4. Learn 5 violin techniques: Staccato, Legato, Forte, Piano, Diminuendo, Crescendo

5. Learn to execute syncopation --- dotted note

6. Learn to play 5 songs on the violin:

    - Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

    -  Lightly Row

  - Mary Had a Little Lamb

  - London Bridge is falling down

Subtitles are added to each video and where applicable, music notation and scores are incorporated so that you can cross-reference practical practice to theory.

This basic 2 violin course is usually covered in traditional face to face coaching over 12 lessons. Valued at USD$650, grab yours at USD$149 now.

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19 Lessons

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19 Lessons in Master The Violin: Basic 2 Course:

Module 1: Theory and Rhythmic Training (Part 1)

1.1: Theory - Note Values

Note values

1.2: Rest Values

Rest values

1.3: Rhythm Training Using the Metronome

Rhythm training

1.4: Rhythm training (Part 2)

Rhythm training

1.5: Rhythm training with the violin (Part 1)

Rhythm training

1.6: Rhythm training with violin (part 2)

Rhythm training

Module 2: Introduction to hand position on the fingerboard

2.1: Introduction to how the open strings look like on the violin

Open strings

2.2: Playing a song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Module 3: Six Techniques

3.1: Techniques - Legato and Staccato

Legato and Staccato techniques

3.2: Practicing legato and staccato technique


3.3: Techniques forte and piano

Forte and Piano techniques

3.4: Diminuendo and Crescendo

Diminuendo and Crescendo techniques

Module 4: Learn to play 4 songs

4.1: Learn to Play "Lightly Row"

Learn to play "Lightly Row"

4.2: Learn to play "Long Long Ago"

Learn to play "Long Long Ago"

4.3: Learn to Play "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

Learn to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

4.4: Syncopation - Dotted note

Syncopation - Dotted note

4.5: Learn to play "London Bridge is Falling Down"

Learn to Play "London Bridge is Falling Down"

Module 5: Articulation

5.1: Articulation - ritardando, a tempo, dolce


Final Words

Final Words: Violin Basic 2 Course

Final Words